Sunday, July 21, 2013

                      Hello!! Welcome to Transit Team 7 

                                       (God’s favorite number)

First off, I’d like to introduce you to our team.

Our team leader is Mpumi M. 24, from South Africa.  English is his 5th language - Holy buckets!! This is second time touring Europe with a Transit team from OM.  Last year he was with team 5 but he has been serving with Operation Mobilization for 5 years now.  He is very enthusiastic about life and God and likes to keep us in check. 

My name is Caitie, 23, and I’m from Wisconsin in the US.  Photography is one of my passions and thus will be the photographer of our team.  I have been chosen to be the assistant team leader and will be helping Mpumi lead the team on our journey together. 
MJ comes from the small country of Faroe Islands (it’s between Iceland and Norway if you didn’t know) and speaks 3 languages (Faroenese, Danish, and English).   MJ is the classy, outgoing one of the group.  She loves to sing (which will be an absolute asset to our team on various missions) and is always smiling having a good time. 
JungEun, 39, is the oldest in our group, but we love the knowledge and experience she brings to our group.  English is her second language and just learned it at the end of last year, so she is still learning (but aren't we all in some respect).  She was one of the assistant pastors at her local church in South Korea until last September when she started working with OM. 

Rory is 19, but will soon turn 20 in a few weeks. He comes from Northern Ireland (not Ireland…NORTHERN Ireland – big difference according to him).   He has been searching for God’s leading in his life the past few years and this 5 month mission throughout Europe is definitely a great stepping stone to find his calling (I think we are all hoping this trip will bring clarity to God’s calling in our lives).   Rory brings tons of energy and fun into our team. 

Last but not least is Grace, the youngest in our small group at 18.  She comes from Washington (not DC) in the United States.  The world is her oyster.  Even though none of us have ever really done this before (Mpumi aside) she brings a new, fresh, and excited take on everything we do and experience that is different that is different than anyone else on the team.  But being in a large group (we have 11 people total with both transit teams) is nothing new to her as she has 10 siblings back home!

That’s our team!  We just recently went to Rome (well actually a small town near it) for an OM conference “Transform” with hundreds of other people, most of whom were also going on a mission somewhere.  The entire conference had a mission minded emphasis.  It was a great experience and such a great way to build us up and get us pumped up to go on these missions and bring God’s name everywhere! Yesterday (Saturday, the 20th) we all split into our respective groups and headed out to our next destination, which for us is Kirkoswald, England. 

As it is right now, our mission journey is as follows (if you are curious where we will be headed):
July 20th – August 4th: Kirkoswald, England
August 4th – August 15th: Quinta at the OM Lifehope center for training as a large group (teams 6 &7)
August 15th – August 27th: Sweden
September 1st – September 29th: Croatia
September 30th – October 6th: Italy for more training and debriefing as a large group.
October 6th – October 19th: Romania
October 19th – November 1st: Poland
November 1st  – November 15th:  Denmark
November 15th – December 6th: Switzerland
December 6th – December 13th: Germany
December 13th – December 18th: England for our final debrief as a team.

We hope you continue to follow us on our journey and support us along the way through prayer. 


  1. Hey Transit Team 7! Hannah from Transit Team 4 here :D

    I'm so, so excited that you've all started your Transit journey, I am confident that God will use it to make a massive difference to your lives! Just knowing Mpumi would do that anyway, ha ha! This is just to let you know that I'm thinking of you and praying for you all. I'll be praying that God challenges and changes every one of your hearts through the experiences you have and the impact that you have on each other.


    Hannah (who's from NORTHERN Ireland too!) (It's totally different) (but we'll not fall out about it)

  2. Gday mates! Coxy from Transit Team 5 here =)

    Many blessings and peace in the Lord to you, I thank God for each of you and will be praying for you. Europe is a continent unequally matched in its depth of darknesses and relentless contempt for the true living God in Jesus Christ. More and more people are indignant to the blessed Creator who loves them despite the futility of their lives.

    Here is a quote to encourage you (adapted from Phillips Brooks) - "Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger in the Lord. Do not pray for tasks equal to your abilities. Pray for abilities equal to your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle, but the Lord Himself shall be the miracle within you."

    Be blessed, for you are loved.