Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Warsaw, Poland

                           Hey there again!                                  
So we're gonna go back just a bit and talk about the end of October when we were in Warsaw Poland!  So if you didn't know and are looking at the picture above, you may notice some differences with our team. 
Wasn't there 4 girls and 2 guys before? What happened? 
Sadly, Taylah, our friend from Australia was called home.  To Australia, not heaven lol! But she felt God telling her she it was the right thing to leave after Romania and head home.  So we bid her farwell.  She was definitely missed, but God has big plans.  You know?!  
So who's that other guy?!  
You mean the the one on the end?
Oh yeah, him. 
That's Igor! He's from Macedonia and was visiting some friends there in Warsaw and got connected to the couple we were working with in the church.  So he had the wonderful opportunity to become an honorary team member for those 10 or so days there in Warsaw.  Oh yeah,  he felt blessed to be one of us....let me tell you :P 

Here's a view of the Old Town in Warsaw.  I loved seeing the history here.   Toward the end in our stay in Warsaw we were also able to go see a museum about Warsaw's history in WWII.  It was very eye-opening.  Book (or movie if you don't like reading) recommendation: The Pianist. Very enlightening.

The first week we were there we did a lot of various things there with the church.  This was one of our first activities.  Talking to young all adults that were all our age.  We performed our chair skit that we've gotten quite good at, Mpumi gave a message, and Grace here gave her testimony!  They had an awesome group of people there and were VERY engaging!

 Street/homeless ministry! If my memory serves me correctly, this is somewhat new ministry for the church we were with.  But it was a really fascinating ministry; they brought out a full worship band into the middle of square downtown,  served dinner for all the homeless who came,  had a message, a prayer tent, and several workers in the crowd.   We were split off into teams of 3, each with our own interpreter.  I was able to talk with a few individuals, but the really cool thing was watching Igor and our interpreter talk with this young man in the picture below.   I think he was just walking by, wondering what was going on when Igor came up and started asking him questions.  About life, about his beliefs, about what questions he may have.  This kid seemed glued to every word.  Our interpreter was then able to invite him to the church.  I'm not sure what became of him,  but if you could, please keep him in your prayers.  Pray that he went to church, that he stayed curious about this Jesus and Christianity, and comes to accept Him as his personal savior.

Schools.  Schools.  Oh boy, schools.  We gave presentations galore! These pictures were the first of NUMEROUS class presentations we gave in various places in various countries. On this day, we were talking to kids in English class that ranged from 4th-6th grade.

Each of us talked about our own countries; the famous things, a little history, our homes, etc., each with our own style and flair.   Mpumi of course gave much more story in his part talking about the Dutch and English fighting over South Africa, all the big safari animals, and obviously Nelson Mandela.  Some had power points, others just used themselves.

The point was to talk about where we're from yes, but then include our faith, Jesus, the church when and where we could.  Mpumi was most prominent in that Nelson Mandela had to forgive his oppressors in order to have influence and create change in his country.  

These kids were insanely smart and interactive! Short story....they wanted to arm wrestle me (thanks Igor for that).....I beat all of them, except one.  It was REALLY close but my endurance got the better of me and had to let him win. Next time kid....NEXT time ;) )

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