Saturday, August 17, 2013

A word from Mpumi - as dictated to Caitie

On friday we learned about the history of Sweden.  It is evident that the welfare stands very high in their society.  In our lives we have never seen so many volvos.  This is among the safest cars in the world - which describes their culture, one that values their safety and security.  As we focus on reaching this Swedish community (Raslat - there are suppose to be umlouts over the vowels) of approximately 5000 people with over 50 nations represented please pray that we would be a light to some of these people.  For instance, yesterday we were in an elevator for the first time with a young boy from Eutrea (an African country that is in the top 10 most persecuted countries in the whole world).  We have never met anyone from that country in our lives.  So pray that we will reach these lersecuted nations here in a religiously free country.

We are having fun learning a few simple phrases in Swedish:

Gud alskar oss (God loves us)
Vi jad fel (we all fail)
Jesus dug fur oss (Jesus died for us)
Vi kann bli Guds ven (we can become Gods friend)

Super simple yet effective.....and awesome :)

Hejda (hey-door): goodbye!

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