Friday, August 30, 2013

Our time with OM Sweden

So here we are all chilling in Manna-house reflecting on our time in Sweden. We spent 13 amazing days in the beautiful country of Sweden. We arrived on the 15th after a very long journey that had started 0215 that morning.

Once we arrived, we were informed that the original schedule they had planned for us had fallen through just days before. This meant that we had to be flexible, which is no problem for our team. So the Sweden team took us in and were very hospitable from the word Go. They treated us so well the whole time we were there! So thank you OM Sweden! We were given several different Swedish lessons which varied from learning basic Sweden to Swedish history. 

We got involved with many different ministries that OM Sweden staff members help out with. These ministries included the Underground, which is a youth programme they work with and are closely associated with. We worked with the Salvation Army boys who have moved mostly from Afghanistan and came to Sweden for educational purposes. As a team we were able to work with these guys by just having fun and chatting with them. We also spent  few days at the local city and university palpitating in some friendship evangelism

We were honoured to give back to OM Sweden anyway we could - so we cleaned the base for them.

We were also able to participate in a very Swedish activity.  this meant going to a local forest to pick a variety of berries and mushrooms. Everyone really enjoyed this activity and the end results included cheesecake, pie, and jam. 

We all really enjoyed our time in Sweden and saw ourselves grow closer to Jesus and to many of the OM Sweden staff. Please keep this field and the staff in your prayers. 

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