Monday, September 2, 2013

Transit travels

Travel, drive, drive, drive, travel, travel, drive.........repeat.

We are finally in Croatia after what feels like days in a van traveling.  Adventure, mishaps, and blessings follow us every step of the way.  Yes there have definitely been things that have tripped us up since traveling back from Sweden.  But we have also met some WONDERFUL people along the way to feed us and give us shelter the past few days.

Ok coming back from Sweden:
--The bus taking us to the airport nearly left JungEun and Mpumi behind as it started leaving before they got on.   Thankfully he stopped after I told they weren't on board yet!
--Getting on the plane, Mpumi and I had to go back THREE times to adjust the weight in our bags to meet weight limits (we were only allowed 10 kg.....22 lbs).
-- Transit team 6 (Sydney and Henrik) met us at the airport to give us our van and welcome us back to the UK (I love those guys)......AND gave our van a make-over.......we loved that.   Post-it notes covered the van.....about 400 balloons inside....and the best part....glitter in the vents.   Thank-you Team 6 :)
-- Driving back (in the midst of balloons and glitter) our GPS took us around in circles 3 times getting us back to Lifehope around 3:30 am.

That was an eventful day :)

We spent the next few days at Lifehope, a wonderful place called the Manna House, and a day sightseeing around LONDON!!!!  We then left dark and early Friday morning to start our journey to Croatia.  Big mishap of the trip? I left my passport behind. That added about 2+ hours on to our trip.  Wonderful.  However, having such a great team - they all forgave me and we continued on.

From here on we experienced huge blessings from people.  Friday night Mpumi called a family he knew lived around OM Germany to ask for dinner.   No one except Mpumi could do that.   We met the Brown family, (who we had previously met at Transform in Rome) missionaries from Australia with 2 young children.  They spoiled us.  They had a gourmet meal with candle light.  They told us later that they made the cheesecake yesterday without knowing who would eat it all.  God was at work providing for us, even if our meal was 1030 at night.

The next day, we were met by another wonderful family in Germany for a true German lunch of potatoes and sausage.   Saturday night and Sunday morning we met with Hannes, who has worked with OM for about a year and able to provide us with pizza dinner and a wonderful Austrian country breakfast.

We met with 3 great families but I know more people helped coordinate our sleeping quarters and food provisions.  So a big THANK-YOU to all of you who helped, God will bless you for all you have done :)

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  1. You guys are spoiled!!!! Glad you made it!