Friday, September 6, 2013


Hello all. We just want to say thank you to all who have viewed our blog ,read our posts and prayed for us!

As you read in the previous blog we are now in the Spilt, Croatia. We are working a long side a missionary who goes by the name of Uwe who is from Germany. Uwe has a real heart for the Balkan Area. Uwe has a heart to see missionaries to go into these countries and to bring the light of Jesus with them.

So here is the plan of action for Transit Team 7 for the month of September: for the first 10 days Uwe has sent us a task of researching about 7 different countries, these include; Serbia , Slovenia , Montenegro , Bosnia , Croatia, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. We are also given the time and freedom whilst here in Croatia to get involved with other activities.  These activities include taking part in the church youth group, helping in the church service by having Mpumi preaching, Caitie and Taylah sharing their testimonies, and the whole team is performing a drama. 

After these 10 days, Uwe will take us in his van to travel around each of the Balkan countries listed above.  We'll be spending 1-2 days at each place working  along side people and taking videos/photos to show the needs of these people in each of these countries. When we all heard that this is what we will be doing - we got very excited! 

So the last two days we have been all sitting on laptops and iPads and researching about these countries. The information we gather is for Uwe to use and put it on the website he is currently creating. This will include the videos we plan to shoot and the photos we take. That's awesome and super exciting right?! 

Since Split is right beside the beach and it is warm here, when we have free time the team will spend time on the beach chilling and swimming. What more could you ask for in the month of September? We also have been having lots of fun with Uwe and his family. 

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