Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Well hello again!

I very much think that Romania has become one of my personal favorite places we've been able to serve in thus far.  And for several reasons.

First of all the people were AWESOME....we met such phenomenal people there.  I think I'll put pictures up of all the cool people here.  But only from the first week in Brasov, or more specifically - Ghimbav and Bod. The second week in Amara will come next :)

Michael Jordan (you know, like the famous American Basketball player....well this guy is pretty much as opposite of him as you can get lol).  He is the leader of short term missions in Romania and was our main coordinator for everything we would be doing in Romania.  He has a good servant's heart and great heart for missions.  He was a good leader. In our time with him, we also got an abundance of good quotes from this quirky guy.
             Mpumi: "Girls, were you cold last night like                           you were the night before?"
             Girls:  "No, it was a lot better"
             Mpumi:  "You hear that Michael, the girls                  were warm last night! Isn't that good?"
             Michael: "I don't care" (I think he was                                      smiling when he said it)

            *12 or so people were crowded around a table talking with one another, Michael gets a phone call, raises his hand sharply addressing everyone "SILENCE!"    bahahahahahaha!!

Then there was our favorite Swiss couple, Rebekka and Marcus.  They will be serving in Romania for a total of 3 months.  Marcus has a small farm with 18 cows and Rebekka is an primary/elementary school teacher. They're pretty much the coolest/sweetest couple you'll ever meet.  The more you get to know them, the more perfect of a couple you realize they are and just warm your ok sorry, that got a bit sappy. But in addition Marcus and Mpumi got RATHER close - HUGE bromance going on there.  Sorry Rebekka!  To show a bit of Marcus's character I would like to include a short video about him.....hehehehehe!

Sorryn: We didn't get to work AS closely with him as some of the others, but it was great to work with him none-the-less.  He's one of the leader's at OM Romania who has a long term vision for Romania.  The vision has helped the start up and work within the church we worked with in Bod as well as an after-school-school he wants to start up in order to help improve the education level of the kids in Romania  He's pretty much one of the best role models a person could ever have.  Especially on a mission level. Just saying.

Fausto (and family):   This is probably the coolest Mexican I've ever met.  He's not staying in Romania for much longer,  but the work he's done here with his family is invaluable.  Plus he's probably one of the funniest missionaries I've ever met (those people exist?!?! what?!?!).  We were able to help him in the work on church as well as the kids programs we put together.  But he also took us to his house and watched the Avengers projected on his wall (much better than the laptop we've all gotten accustomed to).  His daughter gave Rory a much needed haircut.  AND he came to visit us in the middle of the night before we left.  Oh good times.

On the day we (Mpumi, Marcus, and I) went to the church to do some demolition, Fauso brings in this guy Matt saying "I brought the muscle for the day".  Uh...yep.  As Yoda would say - Good hard worker he is.  But he, Mpumi, and Fausto were quite the trio (as this video will show).  Even though he wasn't working with us directly, he was still a good addition to our little team that week.

We also met this wonderful Paraschibu family.  Their daughter has Lyme disease and we were able to bless them by doing chores around the house that are a little hard to tackle while simultaneously working hard to take care of Eunice.  Their whole family are wonderful, sweet-hearted people (I sound like a southern woman right apologies).  But John, Amelia, and Eunice are fascinating people that honestly truely enjoy listening and talking with people.  They instantly make you feel at home.

If our Romanian friends are reading this.  Thank-you for making such a large impact on me and my team by all you've done with and for us. :)

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