Thursday, October 31, 2013


Since Caitie has taken the task of telling you about the people we were working with on the first week I have been set the task of telling you about the stuff we got up to. So we arrived on Monday night after a fairly short journey to OM Romania (short for us Transiters)  and were greeted with a hot meal which was prepared for us by Michael.   We were also introduced to a wonderful Swiss couple named Markus and Rebecca who we would be working a long side for the next two weeks.

The next morning we meet two local pastors, Sorin and Fausto, whom Caitie has told you about. The first thing we needed to do was go shopping so we were taken to a second hand clothes store and we were able to buy some clothes (the main purpose: appropriate church clothes). Then we drove to a family's house, John, Amelia, and their daughter Eunice, and we were set to work. (John has a sick daughter named Eunice please pray for God to heal her). The boys were set to some practical work sorting out bricks that could be reused for some sort of building work and the girls were set to do all kinds of different housework from doing laundry to sorting out vegetables .

               BEFORE                                                                                                AFTER


 At 5pm we stopped working for the day and went with Fausto and Sorin to local villages to promote the kids program we would be doing the next few days. So the next day we all did separate tasks: I stayed behind and helped Michael cook for the team; the girls (except for Caitie) went back to John's house and helped with tasks that still needed to be done there in the house; and Mpumi, Caitie, along with Fausto and Matt took apart a kitchen that was inside the church. This included stripping the walls of tiles, taking out brick half-wall, and just getting rid of part of the ceiling. Afterwards, we all came together as a team and planned for the kid's club that was taking place for the next 3 days. When we had finished planning, Mpumi and Fausto went and gathered the kids and started the program. The next hour and a half consisted of games,songs,bible verses and the creation story.

 It was really exciting to see the turn out of kids that showed up and how eager they were to all be there and hear what we had to say and play with us (despite the language barrier).  Over the few days, our message went from Creation to man's fall and our Sinfulness, to the story of Jesus and the Salvation He offers us.  The last day was the most exciting to watch these kids. 
The day after the girls had finished doing all their tasks at John's house and we at the church had finished in the church kitchen so we moved on to the task of cleaning the school which was in an awful state. The school had a horrible smell to it,had broken glass everywhere from windows that had been smashed,sheep poo, a load of old communism style uniforms and rubble. We had the task of clearing out the school of all this stuff. This took us two days to complete this task and we were all feeling satisfied when we completed the task.

           BEFORE                                                                                                      AFTER

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